PAS Loading Ramp with Swing Lip Leveller

Increase the efficiency of the loading and unloading process and enable docking of various types of vehicles even in hardly accessible areas with a flexible loading solution from EBS.

The loading ramp is a complete docking system, which is installed at various angles as a self-supporting unit in front of the door opening so that the storage area of the building is extended.

The PAS loading ramp consists of a PS hydraulic dock leveller with swing lip and lateral treads, which are reinforced at the bottom. The leveller of the PAS system is operated at the touch of a button. As soon as the platform has reached its highest position, the lip swings out automatically and comes to rest on the truck bed. It optimally adapts to various vehicle widths and heights and truck movements during loading/unloading

To enable loading/unloading of trucks that dock in with their rear doors closed, we offer the PAS loading ramp with side steps so that the truck doors can be opened once the dock-in is completed.

Technical details

  • Standard lengths: 2000, 2450, 3000, 3500 mm
  • Standard widths: 2000, 2200 mm
  • Standard lip lengths: 400, 500 mm
  • Rated load-carrying capacity: 6 tonnes (60 kN)
  • Operating ranges: 0-410 mm above the level, 0-360 mm below the level
  • Installation by welding or anchoring with additional support legs
  • Standard corrosion protection: sand blasting and painting 80 μm; optional 160 μm paint coat, hot dip galvanizing and duplex
  • Colours: RAL 5010, 7016; other RAL colours available

Make loading and unloading safe and smooth

Fitted with the smooth adjustment system, the PS hydraulic dock leveller with swing lip adapts automatically to the variations of the vehicle bed height during the loading/unloading operations.

The front part of the swing lip is bent by 5°; this feature simplifies loading and unloading of low-wheelbase trucks.

Special emergency valves in the lift cylinders stop the freefall of the dock leveller if the truck unexpectedly leaves the dock during loading or unloading.

Ensure a high standard of safety

In order to guarantee the stability of the PS hydraulic dock leveller platform in a situation when the truck departs unexpectedly during loading/unloading, two of the three highest-quality hydraulic cylinders with safety valves are dedicated to the platform lifting mechanism.

Such solution provides a significant increase in the operating safety in emergency situations, compared to devices with one cylinder.

The PS dock leveller is always provided with lateral toe guards to prevent foot injuries when the leveller moves downwards.

Enable docking of vehicles even in hardly accessible areas

The PAS loading ramp with swing lip leveller can be installed at various angles (45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°, 135°) at the front of the building so that it is possible to optimally utilize the available space and to guarantee smooth and efficient loading and unloading operations.

Further installation angles are available on request.

Stepped model for dock-in of trucks with closed rear doors

In the PAS loading ramp model with side steps, the areas on the left and on the right side of the dock leveller are lowered by 300 mm over a length of 1200 mm or 1300 mm so that the truck doors can be opened once the dock-in is completed.

The stepped version of the loading ramp can also be installed at various angles to enable docking of vehicles even in hardly accessible areas. 

Save time and money on installation and running costs

The PAS loading ramp is the best choice if there is a need to attach a docking system to the building with little preparation and minimum installation time.

The easily accessible, low-maintenance swing lip needs no cleaning and guarantees trouble-free operation. The individual components of the dock leveller are sandblasted and provided with a two-component paint for corrosion protection.

The EPDM sealing is installed on three sides of the leveller to seal the gap between the dock leveller and the pit, thus reducing draughts and saving energy.

Rely on German quality

Benefit from precise engineering, durability and reliability of the EBS dock ramps and levellers synonymous with the German quality.

The PAS loading ramp with swing lip leveller meets all requirements of the most recent European Standard, EN 1398, and is marked CE.

Additionally, it has been tested by the globally-recognized German Technical Inspection Association TÜV and certified GS for safety (i.e., the equipment meets German and, if available, European safety requirements for such devices).

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