Inflatable Dock Shelter PWI

Save energy, protect the goods from the elements, improve working environment and prevent theft in your temperature-controlled warehouses and cold storage facilities.

Enabling you to save on energy bills and cut losses through theft, the EBS inflatable dock shelter PWI is an excellent investment with a quick return.

Unlike the curtain-type dock shelters, the cushions of the inflatable dock shelter PWI cannot get into the truck opening, thus guaranteeing optimal accessibility of the truck bed as well as a maximum operating range on the ramp.

The EBS inflatable dock shelters are available in two versions:

  • With outer height of 3600 mm and 4000 mm – for loading bays with ramps, when the warehouse floor and the truck bed have approximately the same height
  • With outer height 4700 mm – for loading situations without a ramp.



Technical details

  • Standard width: 3600 mm
  • Standard heights: 3600, 4000, 4700 mm
  • Standard depth: 920 mm
  • Top cushion standard heights: 1350, 1750 mm
  • Side cushion standard width: 650 mm
  • Cushion material: Cordura®, PVC (0.5 mm) with dual textile interlace, PVC shield (3 mm)
  • Material of walls and roof: insulated 40 mm thick sandwich panel

Save energy and reduce operational costs

The side and top cushions of the inflatable dock shelter PWI automatically adjust to the size of the truck and provide an airtight seal, effectively separating climates and keeping dust, pests and insects away.

When not in use (i.e. not inflated), the cushions are hidden behind the front curtains (made of 3-mm PVC) so that the truck driver has a perfect view of the loading area during the docking process. As soon as the vehicle is in the shelter, the cushions are inflated within 11 seconds, creating a tight seal with the sides and top of the truck. After the loading/ unloading process the cushions are deflated in just 25 seconds.

Prevent losses due to theft

The EBS inflatable dock shelter PWI reduces the possibility of unauthorized personnel entering the warehouse through the loading bay doorway, thus significantly reducing losses through theft.

Reduce installation and maintenance expenses

The EBS inflatable dock shelters come pre-mounted (they are delivered in just three parts), hence installation of this type of dock shelter is very fast.

Side walls and roof, made of aluminum sections resistant to hard operating conditions, are encased with particularly robust, insulated 40 mm thick sandwich panels.

The inflatable dock shelter PWI curtains are made of durable PVC Cordura® with high tear resistance qualities, good colour fastness and strong resistance to damp and mould formation.

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